Who is GFIVE INC.?


Five local businessmen that have a passion for the city of Sarnia and want to make it a better place to live and do business. Their combined vision and experience will see this project to a successful completion.


Why are they doing this?


One day in 2013 Kenn Poore and Charlie Dally were having coffee, and the ​topic of the abandoned hospital came up. They wondered when somebody was going to do something about this blemish on our city.  Soon the conversation spread to friends Mark Lumley, Marty Raaymakers and Alex Jongsma. Each with their own areas of interest and expertise, they set out to be that "somebody". Four years later after countless hours of hard work, public meetings and planning, they were about to see a major transformation that will ultimately bring the core of our beautiful city back to a vibrant and thriving community.